Thursday, April 9, 2009

Introduction to Excel Services in SharePoint and Components

Components of Excel Services in MOSS
Excel Services is a Microsoft Office SharePoint technology that makes it simple to use, share, secure, and manage Microsoft Office Excel 2007 workbooks as interactive reports in a consistent way throughout the enterprise.

We can also create custom connectable web parts to Excel OOB web parts for having custom functionality.

1. Excel Web Access
This allows the to display excel sheets on the web page. The Excel can be shown in sharePoint page as a web part.

2. Excel Web Services
Use SharePoint Excel API to manipulate excel sheet data. But these APIs are not used create an excel sheet dynamically.

3. Excel Calculation Services
Allows you to load excel sheets on the web page (as HTML) and render calculated data fro the User defined functions.

Limitations of Excel Services
  • Will not load excel files with VBA Low fidelity.
  • Charts in excel will have low fidelity.
  • Users cannot add or rearrange fields in pivot reports using web access.
  • No authoring support

To learn more about configuring excel services in Sharepoint Click here

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