Thursday, April 9, 2009

Configuring incoming/outgoing email for SharePoint/MOSS 2007

SharePoint 2007 allows for emails to be accepted into discussions, document libraries and lists. To enable this functionality, a few steps will need to be followed. One thing to note: integrating SharePoint with Exchange is NOT needed for this functionality, but if you do choose Exchange, you will get some added benefits.

-SMTP Service
You will need to install the SMTP Server Service on the SharePoint server. This is done via add/remove programs, and within the IIS component listing.

-Enable Incoming Email
Now, enable Incoming Email from the Central Administration website. It is found by following: Central Administration > Operations > Incoming Email Settings

-SMTP Connector
You will finally need to configure an SMTP connector within your email server so it knows where to send emails you designate for SharePoint.

Pre Requisites
· SMTP service to be installed

Enabling incoming/outgoing email for SharePoint/MOSS 2007 is done thru SharePoint Central Administration under Operations Section.

How-to configure incoming or outgoing e-mail in sharepoint video is available here

Pre-requisites are available here

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