Monday, April 6, 2009

MOSS (SharePoint) Frequently asked questions - MOSS online Free Test - Part one

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1. Can we have multiple sub sites and web sites under a site collection?

2. Which of the following are true in MOSS?
The Sites under site collection are called Web sites
The Sites under web sites in MOSS are called sub sites
Both are true
Both are false

3. Can we customize the webpart to support personalization?

4. Shared Service provider(SSP) in MOSS is provided by
Windows SharePoint Services (WSS)
SharePoint server 2007
.net 3.5

5. MOSS supports events at
Site Level
List Level
List Item Level
MOSS doesn't support events

6. In MOSS, Security can be applied at
Site Level
Sub Site or Web site Level
List /document library Level
List Item Level
All the above

7. which of the following is not a valid site group with Windows SharePoint Services(WSS)?
Web Designer

8. which of the following is/are true?
Content Type is a collection of logically related data element types or site columns
Site Column defines a data element for a site collection
Multiple content types can be added to sharepoint lists
Sharepoint doesn't have Out-Of-box workflows

9. which not a Out of the Box Workflow in MOSS?
Approval Workflow
Collect Signature Workflow
Service Workflow
Three State Workflow

10. MOSS (Sharepoint) offers
A framework that allows to build business sites rapidly
Lots of features, Workflows and site templates already built-in
Excellent integration with Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc
All the above

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1. a
2. c
3. a
4. b
5. a,b,c
6. e (All the Above)
7. d (Manager)
8. a,b,c
9. c
10. d (All the above)

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