Monday, March 16, 2009

Integrating InfoPath with Sharepoint List

Microsoft InfoPath supports multiple views of the same form.Based on business requirements and user roles, different views of the form can be shown to different users. The below steps is to integrate Infopath forms with Sharepoint Server

  • Create the Sharepoint List
  • Create the CAML fragment to serve as the base schema to submit to the webservice
  • Create the form template and add the data connections
  • Identify the GUID used as the ID for the List
  • Add controls to the form template to display the current items in the list
  • Add fields and controls for entering new items to submit to the list
  • Add a connection to the sharepoint Lists webservice and define the parameters for calling UpdateListItems web method
  • Add the event handler code required to submit additions, updates and deletions from the list
  • Test the form and publish to Sharepoint Server To a Form Library or As a site content type

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